The British Life enjoy the Macy's Holiday Parade at Universal Studios
Photo: YouTube

Zoe opens proceedings on this video – at Universal Studios on the first day of The British Life’s 2015 holiday in Orlando. And what a start to the day it is. Zoe’s selected as a ‘balloon bearer’ in the Macy’s Holiday Parade. Flip-flop disaster averted, Zoe is able to accept the offer – and become part of Universal Studios folklore.

This is how Universal Studios roll. Unable to afford a full team of parade personnel, they accost paying guests to do the job for free.

Anyway, Zoe didn’t seems to care. She gets way too excited, and rather unprofessional waves to the camera! We’ll forgive her though, as she played an instrumental part in the parade.

All joking aside, Zoe said this was the highlight of her holiday. And let’s be honest, how many of us have been part of a Universal parade? Legally, that is.

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