Living the Dream set off for Gatwick Airport

Living the Dream kick off their Florida vlogging career with a very exciting video of their journey to Gatwick Airport.

After a very quick car journey, the gang arrive at the Premier Inn. We’re treated to a tour of the room, as well as the view outside the window – which leaves a lot to be desired. But you can’t really complain for £39!

Erin then takes control of proceedings – this is one very excited little girl.

Living the Dream then head off for a spot of dinner, but not before Erin eyes the goodies in Costa.

After a bit of a wait, the food arrives – which looks very good for the price. There’s nothing more exciting than a pre-holiday dinner at the airport, is there?

After a beer or two, and a sneaky wine or three in the room, it’s time to turn in for the night. Ginge and Erin chill out on the bed for a while, before everyone says goodnight.

It’s great to have another serious Florida vlogger on YouTube, so keep your eyes peeled for more instalments from Living the Dream.