Krispy Smore at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights

Stephie and Dave arrive early for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. And the first item on the agenda? Food.

But there are some unwanted guests lurking in the background. So while the food looks fantastic, Stephie and Dave have to keep their eyes peeled for various psychopaths and monsters.

It’s then back outside for Freddy v Jason. Steph looks very nervous, but Dave sounds positively terrified. It quickly becomes apparent that copious amounts of alcohol are needed to enjoy the various houses.

The daring duo are then forced to fight their way through zombies, monsters and crazies just to get to The Walking Dead house. But disaster strikes. Stephie aggravates an old sports injury after trying to dodge a nasty looking creature shaking a tin.

Sadly, Steph is forced to enjoy the rest of the evening in a wheelchair. And to give the injury time to heal, Steph must lounge by the pool for a full day. It’s a tough job, but what can you do when the doctor gives you orders.

Thankfully, the guys treat us to a montage of the scariest moments from Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.

Watch to the end if you’d like to see Steph drunk in a wheelchair. Who wouldn’t?!

Watch for more from Krispy Smore’s 2015 holiday in Orlando, Florida.