HAKZ Videos at Typhoon Lagoon

It’s time for some water-based fun at Typhoon Lagoon, but the storm clouds are gathering. Nevertheless, the gang enjoy a great morning in Disney’s most popular water park.

What we don’t see is the picking up of the marriage licence. Watch out for future episodes for more information.

Watch out for Harper causing chaos in the lazy river. And there are some great under water shots in the wave pool.

There then follows some controversy in the world’s best car park. Alex thinks he can park the bus better than Kirsty can. Everyone wants to know why he hasn’t been driving the beast!

Disney Springs awaits, and the first job is to find some food. Kirsty doesn’t like the sound of Earl of Sandwich, so she decides to head to Wolfgang Puck for a… wait for it… cheese pizza. Unfortunately for little Zac, there are no ham sandwiches.

There’s always time for shopping, so it’s off to the World of Disney for some bargains. Could Alex possibly buy any more Vinylmation?

Zac then wows the crowds at Disney Springs with some well-crafted moves. He then breaks the world record for stickers won at hoopla.

Stay tuned for more Orlando adventures from HAKZ Videos.