Get Binky have a day at The Magic Kingdom. Derek proposes!

Derek is an old romantic at heart. Not content with showing his better half the time of her life in Florida, he changed the course of both their lives by dropping the question in The Magic Kingdom. But he didn’t just do it anywhere. He did it IN Cinderella’s Castle.

This guy has class.

This particular video starts with a tour of what Get Binky calls their hotel room. The I’m assuming there was either some sort of explosion or an armed robbery – judging by the mess!

But Del has more important things on his mind. He gives us a sneak peak of the ring he has brought all the way from the UK. Yes, he’s ready to propose – and he’s bricking it.

They use their Magic Bands for the very first time to get into the park, and head straight for Cinderella’s Castle. This is a unique opportunity to see The Magic Kingdom virtually empty. Worth the cost of a dining reservation alone.

After a photo shoot with movie superstar Tinkerbell, it’s time for grub at Cinderella’s Royal Table.

There’s a veritable feast to devour, but Derek has the food of love on his mind. On bended knee, he asks for his good lady’s hand in marriage. She politely declines.

Only joking.

She says yes, which is a massive relief as Derek didn’t really want to spend the day at The Magic Kingdom having been spurned.

We then witness a very emotional phone call home to tell the parents of the impending marriage. And what better way to mark such an auspicious occasion than with Wishes at Cinderella’s Castle?

A mammoth day ends back at the hotel – where swollen feet are nursed back to health. We all suffer for our love of Walt Disney World, don’t we?