Soarin' at Epcot

After a lengthy closure to expand and improve Epcot’s Soarin’, the famous attraction has finally opened its doors to the public. But there were major issues on its first day.

Within just 10 minutes of reopening, the standby queue was 180 minutes. Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to waste three hours of my time in any Walt Disney World theme park queueing for an attraction.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been too many changes to the queue system, so guests were forced to simply enjoy the new paint job and wait in line.

The large video screens that make the wait a little less tedious were on, but all they showed were pictures of the sky above the clouds.

But things get really interesting when you the fork for FastPass+ and Standby. The newly opened third theatre is there in all its glory for all to see. Head straight on for the new Concourse C!

But the real treat awaits you on the ride. Spanking new IMAX laser projectors deliver a crisper, sharper image than ever before. Gone are the annoying smudges and dark shadows that spoil the illusion.

And while the old film is still being used at Soarin’, it’s like you’re on a completely new attraction.

HOWEVER… I wouldn’t wait three hours to soar around California for real. So get a FastPass+!

If you want to experience the original video one last time, you have until 16th June this year before the new Soarin’ Around the World video premieres.

Take a look around the new Soarin’ at WDW Magic.