Scare Actor in Skull Island: Reign of Kong queue at Universal's Islands of Adventure
Photo: Universal

The walls that have surrounded the Skull Island construction site at Universal’s Islands of Adventure are now down, and guests can finally get a good look at the attraction – and a regular stream of test vehicles.

But Universal have released a few details about their latest attraction – and some parents aren’t happy.

According to Theme Park Tourist, there will be real people in the queue system for Skull Island: Reign of Kong. And no, they don’t mean the guests; they mean real actors whose only job is to scare people witless as they wait to get on the attraction.

Universal Studios use actors in the streets a lot, and these actors have been scaring guests during Halloween Horror Nights for years. The difference here, however, is that guests aren’t signing up to be scared.

A lot of parents simply won’t take their children on this attraction for fear of them being scared witless. And no doubt a lot of grown-ups won’t be enamoured with the idea of shitting their pants whilst waiting for a Kong-frontation.

Of course, Universal has form when it comes to immersive queues. They earned rave reviews for the queue system at Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey – which many people believe is actually more impressive than the ride itself.

But there is a whole lot of difference between a few talking pictures and real people trying to stop your heart.

The Skull Island is to have a 34-inch height restriction, which means a lot of children will be riding it. Why Universal think that scaring young children in this way is a good idea is a complete mystery. They have already been inundated with complaints – and that’s before the ride has even opened.

And Universal’s Child-Swap system could prove problematic too – as the ‘swap’ happens after both participants have waited in line. This will force small children to experience the immersive queue.

Expect lots of crying.

The fact that there will be a very large version of Kong on this attraction will undoubtedly keep a lot of children away. But those parents who don’t realise that there’ll be real actors in the queue will get very angry when their children are subjected to an ordeal that will give them sleepless nights for weeks afterwards.

  • Andy

    Good point. They should make a very non immersive queue and not invest to go above and beyond in theming as to implement scare actors so that little Johnny doesn’t have a bad dream.
    Or, parents can parent. Whatever. I’m going to vote for the “immersive” column.