Hulk Coaster at Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios

If you were one of the poor souls who had already booked your Orlando holiday when Universal announced the closure of the Incredible Hulk coaster, you were probably furious. But there’s good news – it’s back!

Orlando My Way is reporting that the first trains have been running on the newly laid track at Universal Islands of Adventure. Footage taken by Mako Madness shows the test runs in action.

According to reports, the famous roar of the train (supposed to be the war cry of the Hulk) has gone. This is probably because of the new audio systems that will be in the trains – providing riders with a more immersive experience.

Unfortunately, there is still no word on when we can expect to ride the revamped Hulk coaster, but rumours of an early August launch sound about right.

The new Hulk has new track, new cars and an original soundtrack by Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy. We’re also led to believe that there will be a specific story involved. Can’t wait!

Watch the new Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster in action for yourself.