HAKZ Videos spend the day at Universal Studios

Everyone is tired… and little Zac is a little grump. But that’s not going to stop these Orlando warriors. The troops are heading to Universal Studios to see some Minions.

Zac takes charge of navigation, and despite some unorthodox map reading, everyone ends up where they need to be.

It’s a scorcher of a day at Universal, but the pace is fast. Zac wants to get straight on E.T., so he does. Meanwhile, Harper destroys a map and enjoys some sunshine. It’s then on to Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster before getting wet with Curious George. You’ll notice that the adults are enjoying playing in the water more than the kids!

Lunch is next, followed by a trip to Diagon Alley. There’s a little controversy over the punctuation used at King’s Cross – or is it Kings Cross? Who cares? There’s Butterbear to be drank.

After a sing-along with Beetlejuice, it’s time for the parade. OK, it’s not Disney, but it’s a nice way to break up a very hot day. It’s just a shame those costumes are so lame. And what’s with the obsession with Spongebob?

Shrek is next, but fatigue starts to kick in shortly after. The gang head over to City Walk for a little retail therapy before taking the marathon walk back to the car.

Alex needs grub, so it’s off to Premium Outlets. There’s always time for Five Guys. And it’s at least 24 hours since Alex has bought some Vinylmation, so he tries to buy some without Kirsty noticing. Will he succeed? It’s doubtful, as Kirsty’s laser vision is pretty powerful – especially when it comes to model Disney characters.

A busy days ends in the villa. The kids are in bed… and it’s time for the grown-ups to relax by the pool.

Watch out for day 4 of HAKZ Videos’ 2015 trip to Orlando, Florida.