Dinosaur ride in Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World
Photo: Flickr

Animal Kingdom is already short of great, iconic attractions. So when one of its major rides is taken offline for refurbishment, the park suffers badly. Unfortunately, this is the fate that has befallen Dinosaur.

The bone-rattling car ride through dino-infested lands may be a vomit-inducing nightmare, but it’s currently just one of two thrill rides at Animal Kingdom, so to lost it to refurbishment is a major setback.

Dinosaur will be closed from July 25 to September 29, and will reopen on September 30. So, they’ve managed to close one of the most popular attractions in the park during the peak time of year. And if you’ve already got your tickets and planned your visit – tough shit.

It’s unfortunate the both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando continue to close major attractions with just a few weeks’ notice. For people who cross major oceans and spend thousands on their family holidays to Orlando, these last-minute closures can be very disappointing.

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