Hollywood Tower of Terror, Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World

When it was announced that Universal Studios was to open a theme park in Orlando, Walt Disney World simply couldn’t be outdone in their own back yard. Disney/MGM Studios was hastily built and opened a whole year before its direct competitor, and it has now been entertaining international visitors for 25 years. Whether you are visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the first time or looking for a different perspective on the park, read on for some practical tips and advice on getting the most out of the experience.

Where to start? There are so many of them, so the easy thing would be to say “make sure you take in all of the attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.” However, there are a few in particular that will make your day extra special.

8. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

This ride is a little intense, and that intensity starts from the moment you join the queue. Some very spooky hotel staff, haunting music and a maze of dark corridors really get the heart racing, so the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror may be a little too much for toddlers and small children. However, the real action begins when you strap yourself into one of the hotel’s elevators, as you’re taken on a thrill-ride without comparison. A series of accelerated rises and drops means the contents of your stomach are at real risk of escape, and the opening doors of the hotel leave you under no illusion just how high up the elevator is taking you.