Toy Story Mania
Photo: Walt Disney World

Perhaps the thing many people think of first when it comes to Toy Story Mania at Hollywood Studios is the wait. Getting a FastPass+ reservation within a month of riding this thing was a real mission. But this could now change – thanks to a third track.

The most popular and loved attraction in an ever-shrinking Hollywood Studios has a fascinating history. So, whilst you’re in the two-hour queue waiting to ride it, here are 7 things you didn’t know about Toy Story Mania.

7. Toy Story Mania made history

Toy Story Mania, Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World

Toy Story Mania opened its doors at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the first time in May 2008. The California version open just three weeks later in June. Why was this historic? Well, it was the first time the Disney Imagineers had developed the same attraction simultaneously in two different parks. They are both very similar, although the theming and track layouts differ slightly. Although there are other duplicated attractions in Disney parks around the world, none of them were developed and built at the same time.

6. Artists wore 3D glasses as they created the illustrations

Toy Story Mania Car
Photo: YouTube

The next time you ride Toy Story Mania, take the time to admire the various illustrations on the walls. You’ll see that the artwork looks fantastic in black light and 3D. This is because the artists who created the illustrations wore 3D glasses as they worked. Disney Imagineers want to be certain that the guest experience was as good as it could be. And boy did they succeed!