Chinese Theater, Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World
Photo: Disney

When I was little, family vacations consisted of weekend trips to exotic locations like Pittsburgh or Buffalo. I saw my fill of science centers, Sesame Street themed water parks, and enough Chuck E. Cheese ball pits to make you cry tears made of anti-bacterial soap. These trips left me with wonderful memories of my childhood, but they were memories marred by a dark, dark secret: by the age of 29, I had not spent a single minute in the mysterious World of Disney.

My mother pardons her ignorant behavior with the excuse “Well, we wanted to wait until you were old enough to remember the trip!” Apparently, formative memories do not begin to gel until you begin to say words like “Mama, I need a loan for a house,” or “Mama, make student loans go bye-bye!” To make a long story short, I finally remedied the severe lack of Mickey in my life and travelled to the magical city of Orlando last summer for my first visit to Disneyworld (quick summary: yes, I cried…yes, it’s still magical at 29…yes, I flirted inappropriately with Gaston…).

And now, I’ve joined the ranks of those who make yearly pilgrimages to the World of Diz, as I will make my second trek to the hub of happiness later this summer. In preparation for said crusade, let’s geek out together at some of the attractions rumored to be premiering at Disneyworld over the next decade.

10. Star Wars Land

Star Wars Land concept art

When George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney in 2012, we all knew it would only be a matter of time before Ewoks spun themselves silly in the Mad Tea Cup ride. The latests rumors have placed a hypothetical Star Wars Land on the grounds of Hollywood Studios, which has had its fair share of hype this year.

H.S. already features the hugely popular Star Wars Weekends, Star Tours, and the dangerously appealing Tatooine Traders gift shop. Since the removal of the American Idol Experience in September, fans have wondered if Star Wars themed attractions would fill its void. During my visit last summer, I was told by cast members that the Indiana Jones stage show was also on its way out to make room for a Star Wars’ show. Indy’s still running away from boulders, however, but that rumor has stuck with me. Since all of H.S.’s Star Wars themed attractions are situated in the same area of the park to begin with, it would make sense to keep expanding Darth Vadar’s grip all the way to Echo Lake.

In my personal opinion, I wouldn’t mind it if Disney updated Epcot’s Spaceship Earth to reflect a certain Imperial space station that could be operational if given the green light….