Entrance to Walt Disney World, Orlando

No one likes to waste precious time at Walt Disney World standing in queues, sniffing body odour and melting in the Florida sun. That’s why God gave us FastPass+.

But Disney’s express attraction reservation system has its flaws. You can only reserve three spots at a time, and the growing popularity means booking within a couple of weeks of travel limits you to return times during parades or last thing at night.

But worry not. If you can drag your lazy arse out of bed early enough to get to Walt Disney parks for opening, you’ll be able to virtually walk on to many of the most popular attractions.

Of course, if you’re staying on the Disney property, you’ll get Extra Magic Hours, in which case you can stop reading this and move on to the next article. But if you’re having to make do with a lowly villa or a dubious hotel room with a strange smell on International Drive, read on.

10. Space Mountain, Magic Kingdom

Space Mountain, The Magic Kingdom

The wait times for this bad boy can be as much as two hours at peak times. And for anyone who has been silly enough to join the Standby queue of Space Mountain in the middle of the day, you’ll know that you’re virtually blind for large portions of the wait.

As soon as The Magic Kingdom opens its doors, you need to be down Main Street, USA like a rat up a drain pipe. Don’t bother with the opening show – you’ve seen it a million times. Make your way straight to Space Mountain, and don’t be distracted by shops, barbers’ quartets, horses or baked goods. You might need to throw small children out of your way… but it’ll be worth it in the end.