Universal Orlando entrance

Universal Orlando has finally launched its new tiered ticket prices, which will mean you’ll need to pay more to visit during the summer… and the winter… and parts of the spring.

However, it seems that Universal is going to gradually implement the change – starting with the one-day ticket bought at the gate.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the current one-day prices at the gate are as follows:

A one-day ticket currently costs $119 for adults and $114 for kids. The normal price, which was increased earlier this year, is $105 for adults, and $100 for children.

The current one-day ticket price for a park-to-park pass at the front gate is $169 for adults and $164 for kids. Normally the cost is $155 for adults and $150 for kids.

For now at least, Universal’s new seasonal pricing does not affect online, multi-day or advance-purchase tickets. But it can surely be just a matter of time before visiting Universal during the peak summer months is just as expensive as visiting Walt Disney World – regardless of how you buy your tickets.

It’s a little sad that Orlando’s famous theme parks are going down this route. At a time when it’s up to four times more expensive to travel to Orlando from Britain in the summer than at other times of the year, you’d think that Universal and Walt Disney World would show a little understanding and good will.

Unfortunately, paying more to visit Orlando when the kids are off school is something we’ll all just have to live with.