Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, The Magic Kingdom

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train may be one of the most popular attractions at Disney’s Magic Kingdom right now, but it is not without its issues.

Yes, the animatronics and technology on view is very impressive, but as a rollercoaster, the thrills are severely lacking. Not only that, the ride has been beset with technical problems since its opening. Indeed, some rides can stop four or five times – which is really annoying after you’ve waited two hours for a three-minute attraction.

Nevertheless, kids love this attraction, and there is no doubting its technical brilliance. But the road from the drawing board to the opening day has been an interesting one. So, here are 7 things you (probably) didn’t know about Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at The Magic Kingdom.

4. The track was made in the Netherlands

A special track design was needed to carry the swinging carriages of the Seven Dwarfs Mine train – so Walt Disney World Imagineers turned to the experts. Vekoma, the company that built the track for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Tokyo and Paris, were called in.

The rollercoaster specialist designed the track from their headquarters in the Netherlands, before shopping the lot across the pond.

3. The ride includes old figures from Snow White’s Scary Adventures 

A lot of people weren’t happy when Snow White’s Scary Adventures was closed to make way for the new Fantasyland. But the Imagineers managed to incorporate some of the old figures in the new attraction, including some of the dwarfs and the scary vultures. The next time you’re standing in the hot, sweaty queue whilst engineers try to get the ride up and running, watch out for some old friends from The Magic Kingdom’s past.

2. There’s a special song for the queue

In homage to the original Walt Disney Pictures movie, ‘Music in Your Soup’ is played in line and around the attraction generally. If you’ve enjoyed this ride, you’ll have definitely heard the song.

But don’t go listening for ‘Music in Your Soup’ the next time you watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The song was cut before the movie was released.

1. No two mine carts are the same

The Disney Imagineers really wanted to create something truly unique and groundbreaking when they imagined this ride. As well as developing a new system of animatronics, the boffins at Disney also thought they’d make each individual ride experience unique – including having different carriages.

The next time you ride this attraction, take a close look at all of the carriages – they’re all unique. Each one was individually created by its own imagineer, and features bespoke designs and decals unique to that carriage.